PEOPLE / Shin Suenaga

Shin Suenaga
Regional Media Director, ADK GLOBAL

Shin started working at ADK in 1987, with the Osaka Office media team.

In 1990 he started as an account executive for a beverage company in Tokyo. 7 years later, he was in charge of Japan’s first advertising on the airframe.

In 1999 he was sent to Shanghai, stablishing the ADK Shanghai Media Center in 2002, where he worked as a COO. 10 years later, he has experienced managing central media buying in more than 125 cities. In 2011 he lead the EC project in ADK Tokyo HQ (acquired a retail license as an advertising agency in China) and in 2012, he became a media planning and buying manager for projects in China. In 2013, he has started promoting alliance projects with Maxus and other media agencies. He developed “Media-Audit”, a tool where optimized Media Mix ratio of each model including ATL/BTL can be detected, and has also been developing customized versions for Asia and China. By 2015, he has handled numerous plan buy & strategy on global media investment in over 20 regions.

Today, he is handling a unique tool where it is possible to forecast the relationship of TV investment and ”forecasting model for sales” and has established various global media planning tools in Asia and areas in China.

His mother tongue is Japanese, a great communicator in English, Chinese and dancing.