PEOPLE / Rene Penning

René Penning Nieuwland MFC QC
Chief Financial Officer, ADK GLOBAL

René has worked as CFO at ADK Global since 2016, but he already started his ADK career in 1994 as one of the founders of ADK’s European Advertising Network.

In 2014, he was one of the leading forces in the transformation of ADK’s European Advertising Network into a new Global Marketing Insights Company. ADK Insights offers International expertise for Insights activation on a truly Global Scale.

In 2015, René expanded his geographic domain as CFO beyond Europe when he became also CFO of the North-American region followed shortly after by Greater China and Asia.

While being CFO he oversees now ADK Global subsidiaries outside Japan and led several transactions including acquisitions, divestments, (de) mergers, start-ups and restructuring projects.

Before joining the ADK group René has worked at PWC Assurance Firm in the Netherlands for 9 years, supervising audit teams both for Profit and Non-Profit Clients.

Born as a Dutchman (with some foreign roots), René always tries to find a natural balance between the Eastern and Western way of doing business.

Furthermore, René holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he is registered as Qualified Controller (QC) at the Dutch Association of Management (NIVE) and he earned a Master of Finance & Control (MFC) from the Netherlands Business Academy.