PEOPLE / Masato Suematsu

Masato Suematsu
Corporate Planning / Strategic Planning
Director, ADK GLOBAL

Masato is known as one of the most stoic minded and physically tough individuals in ADK. He is passionate about overcoming anything that confronts him from impossible missions given by clients to physical obstacles such as mountains, which is the other side of himself as a skilled rock/ice climber.

Masato has a long career in the planning field with more than 17 years working for many of the major Japanese brands such as Shiseido, in which he worked as the chief strategist for many of their brands including Tsubaki which was the biggest brand campaign Shiseido has ever launched.

Currently Masato is based in Singapore at ADK GLOBAL to handle regional projects. With his rich experience working with the top national brands in Japan, he is now helping Japanese brands to expand to the overseas market by offering a high context strategic directions and business solutions.