PEOPLE / Masaru Inoue

Masaru Inoue
Head of Global Account Service, ADK GLOBAL
Deputy Chief Operating Officer, ADK GLOBAL APAC

In 1996 Masaru has joined DIK which was one of the merging companies that formed ADK after his 13 years of career at a trading company.

He has rich experience in the accounts servicing and managing field for 34 years, handling overseas business.

Including his tenure leading its Malaysia office for over 20 years, he has been transferred to ADK GLOBAL in 2016 to lead the account service teams globally and centrally control Japanese international clients, along with his role as deputy COO of ADK APAC.

Masaru brings in a unique perspective in the organization which he has developed through his long career working not only in the communications field, but also working in the trading industry where he has nurtured his deep knowledge of how to sell products. With his deep understanding of the clients thinking, he is able to deliver the right solution to his clients.